What is Rock ‘n Renew?

Rock ‘n Renew is a non-profit focused on delivering the most effective environmental education possible to students of all ages through partnerships with some of today’s most important musicians. Utilizing the inspiring influence of Rock ‘n Renew’s talented artists helps to deliver mind opening relevance to this critical subject for students who are often physically and culturally removed from the need to protect the environment. Rock ‘n Renew works to connect students’ curriculum to many local community projects in an effort to restore local food systems and ecosystems .Our target areas of action —Energy, Ecology and Society— represent a three-pronged approach that urges conservation, promotes stewardship and recognizes collective action as the best way to protect our future.

How Did It Begin?

Founded by musician Jonny Dubowsky, Rock ’n Renew is committed to the practical pursuit of environmental health and sustainability. As Jonny’s band, Jonny Lives!, met with increasing success, they began frequent tours of over 20,000 miles each. Concerned about fuel consumption and it’s impact on the planet, Jonny researched bio-diesel as an alternative to gasoline and transformed the group’s tours into carbon-neutral events powered by french-fry grease from fast food restaurants. From here, Rock ’n Renew grew into a multifaceted organization with resources and connections to create  environmental change. With an unapologetic rock-culture sensibility and a wide playlist of innovative events, Rock ’n Renew puts environmental responsibility center-stage, with a unique artistic edge that helps to inspire students to repair their local food and ecosystems.

Our Partners +  Mission

Rock ’n Renew has teamed up with over 250 schools and a number of environmentally responsible businesses and brands worldwide to form a comprehensive network with one main goal: to bring the goals of sustainability to as many communities as possible using the power of music to create excitement and lasting change. Our plan of action focuses on the following three areas: energy, ecology and society.

Energy: It is hard to believe that 19th-century technology is still being used to power the 21st-century world. It is now clear that our dependence on fossil fuel has directly affected the health of our local communities. Rock ’n Renew recognizes this connection and seeks immediate and practical solutions. We identify end-use efficiency as the most exciting source of alternative energy and outline simple, direct measures to reduce wasteful fuel consumption. We also take the dizzying array of information currently available on alternative energy technologies and condense it into a comprehensible plan of action for your school, business or community. Rock ’n Renew promotes energy solutions that work and demonstrates how you can be part of the transition to renewable energy that is now happening on a global level.

Ecology: Our natural environment is disappearing before our very eyes. The actions of consumers and industry are precipitating the extinctions of entire species and a staggering daily loss of land and vegetation. Rock ’n Renew works with concepts and curriculum elements developed in partnership with over 20,000 educators across the U.S. to give students and adults the tools they need to protect our precious natural resources. We are working to build Rock ’n Renew Ecology Centers in New Jersey, NYC and in Hawai’i to use the outdoor environment as a classroom to educate students about their role in safeguarding our planet. Through lectures and workshops on ecology and agriculture, we make audiences aware of the hazards posed by unethically-produced and genetically modified food, and show communities how to eat locally and seasonally. Fostering a close relationship between the land, its bounty, and its inhabitants is the first step to preserving the beauty and potential of our natural world.

Society: Rock ’n Renew believes in the collective power of the voice. When individuals unite, they can incite massive change. If millions of people make deliberate choices as consumers, voters, artists, parents, and youth- businesses and policy-makers will listen. Our aim is to stimulate communities with ideas and information, unloosing creativity and inspiring action. A healthy society and culture cannot exist without a healthy place to live- the earth. In urgent response to the needs of our planet, we are calling for people to do more than just recycle. We are asking for widespread change to begin locally and to progress globally, and we work towards a future in which art, culture, and environmental commitment intertwine to create a diverse, vibrant and caring society.

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