El Jardin Del Paradiso

New York, NY 10009


El Jardin Del Paradiso is an incredible 3/4 acre garden located in the Lower East Side of NYC. It is an inspiring model in urban restoration. In the 1980’s this site was a burned-out, rubble-filled waste-land. Through the efforts of the El Jardin members this site now features a pond within a native wetland of plants and trees that last flourished in this neighborhood in the 1600’s!

Rock ‘n Renew helped build the garden and now works with the El Jardin members to continue its restoration and gardening efforts. We hold gardening and cooking workshops, concerts, and events at this beautiful space. We want the neighborhood to take full advantage of this great space for growing food and building a stronger community.

Last year we partnered with Health Corps to lead some of our workshops. We had 75 recent college graduates who are taking part in a year of service with Health Corps, where they apply their studies in health and wellness to provide students with increased awareness and education that gives them the tools to be healthier in their daily lives.


Our concerts included members of the El Jardin community and the extended community. They were free and open to the public, and we served food that included vegetables and fruits grown in El Jardin’s raised bed garden plots. The menu was designed to feature nutritional food items. The recipes were shared with the concert attendees so that they could replicate the dishes at home. We want to ensure that young people in the community have the skills and knowledge to make healthy food for themselves.

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