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social physicsIn Sandy Pentland’s most recent book, Social Physics: How Social Networks Can Make Us Smarter, he examines and answers big questions like, “How can we design organizations and governments that are cooperative, productive, and creative?”

Rock ‘n Renew’s new Social Innovation Lab is a home for innovation and creative problem solving. Through a number of exciting partnerships, a growing number of expert scientists, engineers, architects, designers, and artists now have a permanent home for exploration, r&d and discovery.

Rock ‘n Renew is beginning several training programs to increase the quality of accessible citizen science tools and best-practices for those interested in improving how we manage our shared natural and social capital resources.

Citizens’ Observatories enable citizens to adopt a key role as Citizen Scientists, in the stewardship and management of their environment.

“What you are trying to do is make a human-machine symbiote, where the humans understand more about the network of interactions because of the computers, and the computers are able to understand more about how humans work, and therefore, work better with them,” -Sandy Pentland

Hardware+ Software: Arduino & Raspberri Pi, with various other sensors and devices. Processing, P5js, Temboo, Spacebrew, Meshblu

Questions for our discussion: -How can we include blockchain smart contracts created using The Ethereum Solidity language and Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) governance models to improve the Citizen Science process? -How can interdisciplinary practitioners in the design, architecture, engineering, and art worlds work better together to solve urgent issues for humanity?

We will look at case studies from Public Lab, & Intelligent River

Workshops  conclude with the introduction of a new citizen science observatory project that invites participants to co-create projects that expand on these ideas.

IDEO’S HCD Toolkit
Frog’s Collective Action Toolkit
LUMA Institute: Human Centered Design Methods
MAYA Human Centered Design
CONTINUUM Human Centered Design

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