Past Projects

Honoka’a Forest Reserve & Seed Bank

The Download Festival Boston/Modest Mouse

Germantown Academy Wetland Program

The Olitsky Family Foundation has been an integral part of helping Rock ‘n Renew to achieve several key components in our development towards becoming an organization with the tools and reach to help schools and businesses around the globe to restore their ecosystem and food system in a way that is rooted in the curriculum and community involvement that makes Rock ‘n Renew projects so much fun.
Stephen and Tamar Olitksy worked to introduce Rock ‘n Renew to the Germantown Academy community and as this relationship develops, Rock ‘n Renew has had the opportunity to help develop a ground-breaking wetlands program like no other.

In 2008, Rock ‘n Renew helped Germantown Academy reconnect the school to the natural environment through a reforestation and engineered wetlands project. They also restructured the athletic field complex incorporate a system to move storm water runoff into the engineered wetlands, where carefully and strategically selected native plantings were used to clean the water before entering the Wissahickon, as well as slow the flooding downstream. Also, each parking area has rain gardens to collect and treat storm water runoff.  In addition, the wetlands and wet meadow offer wildlife habitat and respites for migratory species and play an important role in the life cycles of certain animals and insects.

Bayard Taylor School Greenhouse Program



This program was done in partnership with The Hammels Foundation and The Olitsky Family Foundation.

This project was for a complete outdoor renovation for the Bayard Taylor School in Philadelphia. Rock ‘n Renew constructed a greenhouse with raised garden beds for the elementary school! Now the students have a state of the art outdoor education classroom.

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