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Watershed Mapping and Research Curriculum For High School Students

Go With The Flow: Empower Students to Investigate Their Water System Using Maps-Based Research Methods


Real-world research & interviews

Classrooms will use inquiry-based learning to connect with and learn from their community. The research will challenge them to take an active role by questioning, documenting and engaging audiences in professional settings.


Curriculum aligned with Core Standards

Go With the Flow is appropriate for high school English, science, and geography classes or courses with a focus on the environment and sustainability. Reading, writing, speaking and listening are emphasized throughout.


Documentation & web-based sharing

Students will flex their writing muscles with an investigative report, learn best practices for creating online content and practice sharing and engaging audiences via maps, their own blog and HabitatMap.

Leveraging AirBeam Data to Inform Policy Decisions

Leveraging AirBeam Data to Inform Policy Decisions

Carting Workers’ PM2.5 ExposuresAirbeam is a great example of the type of senor network platforms Rock 'n Renew helps implement for local communities, schools, and businesses. When these platforms are installed, it makes local municipalities existing systems much more efficient. Knowledge really is power!

New York City recently committed to implementing a “zoned” collection system for the commercial waste sector. By dividing the city into zones and having commercial carting companies bid to service each zone, the city’s study found that the number of miles traveled by private collection vehicles will be cut by an astounding 49 to 68 percent!  This is a win for both the private carting companies, which will be able to achieve dramatic efficiencies in operations, and everyday New Yorkers, who will have to contend with less noise and air pollution.