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Grow herbs on your wall!

Living in a major city, with little yard/garden/outside space makes planting anything green extremely difficult. However, this is where the joy of hydroponic growing and air plants comes into play! Let’s start at step one… what do you need to grow anything? Water, sunlight and soil right? WRONG! Soil is not a necessary ingredient if you use hydroponic growing kits like Houiellebecq’s kit or buy “air plants” from the┬ábromeliad family.

Hydroponic plants: To keep the plants aerated, simply push the rubber pump at the bottom of the plant holder and the rest is up to the sunlight and seed. Never again can Manhattanites whine that they can’t grow anything in their 200 sq foot apartment.

Air plants or “epiphytes”: These plants can be grown in anything from a cork to glass globes. They need bright light and should be misted with water every few days. They make great conversation pieces, can be used as an artistic wall piece and increase the fresh air in your crowded city apartment too!

There’s no downside to increasing the greenery in your home and both air plants and hydroponic plants are easy and fun!