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Give cranky plants your used coffee grounds

Every morning you wake up and run for the coffee machine for your morning cup of Joe. What if you gave your window plants, veggie garden, lawn or flowers the leftover grounds from your daily fix? The plants only need 1 part coffee grounds for 3 parts water, so the mixture should be a light watery brown before you pour it over your green leafy friends. This isn’t an everyday kind of watering, so only give it to them weekly and they’ll perk right up after their caffeine fix with all the nitrogen from the weak coffee.

Coffee grounds work so well because they deliver the triple-hit of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK) in a slow release form, rather than the traditional chemical fertilizers that are extremely fast-release. In addition, earthworms will love the grounds and they’ll help to aerate the soil with their castings. This not only helps break up the soil, it aids in the beneficial microbial activity that a healthy lawn craves. It’s a great cycle of life between the coffee grounds and your garden!