True Offsets Reforestation Program

Rock ‘n Renew has worked for the last 6 years to build a reforestation program that is focused on restoring the native Hawai’ian Kipuka Forest Systems in 3 regions along the Hamakua Coast on the Big Island of Hawai’i.

Rock ‘n Renew’s “True Offsets” program was born out of an increase in the number of fly-by-night carbon offset companies that seemed to focus more on marketing plans and flashy advertising then on the projects themselves.

With several years of research with the world’s leading experts in native Hawai’ian Ecosystems, Rock ‘n Renew has developed a multi-year plan to restore 3 ancient Koa and Ohia forests on the Hamakua Coast.

With our corporate sponsor Arbor, it has been an amazing journey to launch the first round of Koa plantings in 2007/2008. As we enter into our 6th year we begin an in-depth process of clearing several acres of invasive species, while preparing for a new seedling planting of over 100 Koa and Ohia. For every tree planted we also plant 10 companion plants that make for a healthy lower canopy and are the essence of building a healthy forest.

The Mauna Lani Hotel has been a partner of the True Offsets Reforestation program with Rock ‘n Renew since 2006. Guests of Mauna Lani Resort who have planted trees and are interested in visiting one of the forest sites can set up a day-trip with the concierge at the Mauna Lani Resort. If you would like to receive updated info on a tree that you planted, please email us through the contact page or write to us on our Facebook or @rocknrenew on Twitter for an immediate reply. Anyone interested in speaking with Rock ‘n Renew Founder, Jonny Dubowsky regarding this program can write to him at @jonnydubowsky on Twitter.


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